“Business has only two function — marketing and innovation.”

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→ Marketing Fundamentals

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”

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I feel this is the most important topic and Deepak Sir did a fantastic job of explaining it. Like he said ,in digital marketing, most people just focus on the digital aspects of it, where they forget that the marketing fundamentals are the same and only the medium is digital. Most people just put their efforts in ads, social media posts, SEO etc but forget that marketing is much more than that.

“A business is all about solving people’s problems- At a profit. — Paul Marsden.

Marketing starts from understanding the needs of the consumer while developing a product and it includes sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Marketing encompass understanding customer psychology, creating a perception about our product, creating a great product, developing trust and interacting with the customer even after the sale has happened.I honestly learned that to become a great digital marketer one needs to understand marketing first. Without the fundamental knowledge of marketing it’s very difficult to market and sell no matter what industry or niche we are in.

→ Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.- Bill Gates

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There is no doubt digital marketing is a massive industry and it will be the way most businesses will use to market their products or services. But traditional marketing still holds the throne for the most prominently used form of marketing in India. Although it is the preferred way of advertising for marketers, traditional has its own set of pros and cons and more and more businesses seem to be adding digital marketing for their marketing campaigns if not completely switching over. Although it is still relevant in our country but it is only a matter of time when traditional marketing is dethroned.

The main advantage that traditional marketing offers is the massive reach it still has in India. The traditional ways of marketing like TV, radio, newspapers and billboards have a combined reach of over 1 billion people just in India alone. So it’s obvious that it cannot be ignored by marketers. But it cannot even come close to giving the results and insights given by digital marketing campaigns. Traditional marketing is expensive and time consuming to do, hence most people and businesses can’t afford them. They do not give any tangible ROI or data so one cannot measure the results and it is not at all targeted which means the marketer can just hope that their target customer sees their ads.

→ CATT Marketing Funnel

  • Wealth = n^CATT
  • [n] Niche: Your success & wealth depends on the niche you choose.
  • [C] Content: Creates useful content that attracts people from your niche.
  • [A] Attention: Drive attention(traffic) to your content using seo, social media, paid ads and referrals.
  • [T] Trust: Build trust with your audience with trip wires, marketing automation and re targeting.
  • [T] Transaction: Convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.
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The CATT or Content Attention Trust Transaction Marketing funnel is one of the most powerful concepts that one can learn in digital marketing and the whole process of online marketing can be fit in this funnel. Deepak sir explained it very beautifully made it seem so simple. I had my Ah-ha moment when I learnt about and I remember thinking to myself “this is it” . For real, when you understand the concept of CATT funnels, you feel like this is all there is to online marketing provided we understand each step of the funnel and implement it carefully.

To explain it very briefly, CATT marketing funnel is a online marketing funnel in which you create content relevant to your target customer that will bring them to your niche, whether it is a blog, video, webinar, posts. The next step of the funnel needs us to attract the relevant people to your content through advertising, SEO. For the third step in our funnel, we will build trust with the people whom we have attracted to our content, we do this by providing them more content through marketing automation or re targeting them online. This makes an authority in our niche for those people and they start trusting us. The last and final step of our funnel is to make them transact after we have made them know who we are and the trust factor is once established.

→ Integrated Marketing

You’ll never scale if you’re trying to use just one tactic, that will eventually die.

I feel everyone(myself included) who has ever tried digital marketing is guilty of posting random posts on social media, publish a couple articles on the blog or run some ads and expected sales to pour in. I too have done this without having any actual idea what was I doing and wondered after a week why am I not getting any results . I am glad Deepak sir brought it up in this session and it was an eye opener for me when he talked about deep marketing. He explained it with a good analogy that all our marketing channels should work in sync and in coordination with one another so that they work together like a machine and gives us the best result.

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Deep digital marketing encompasses the idea of creating unique form of expression that is unique to us and easy to identify in all of the channels that our customer uses. It requires us to have a well structured plan. The channels that we need to unify for the best integrated digital marketing results are organic (blogs,video,website), paid advertisement, social media and they should be able to seamlessly send visitors from one channel to another. Having a well thought out and structured marketing plan can benefit in many ways like having increased brand awareness and loyalty, higher ROI and better conversions .

→ How to make 1 Crore in next 3 years?

Building a Personal Brand

To build a personal brand you should let know your audience first about like:

  1. Whom you are known for?
  2. What you do for your audience?
  3. What is your core message or core product?
  4. What is your mission or vision?
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Create an awareness about your personality and business on social media and other platforms where your target audience is engaged. Write an article, publish videos, do public speaking, arrange an event or conference for your audience.Give massive value to your audience. Publish valuable content in different forms. The more content you publish, you will be known much better over the internet.

Once you build your brand, here the magic starts.You already own the trust among your audience and you have some relationship with them right.

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Get 10,000 people at top of the funnel. Just consider the minimum conversion rate is 10%. Now you have 1000 people at the bottom of the funnel.

If these 1000 people can pay you INR 10,000 each for your product and services, you made 1000 x 10,000 = 10,000,000 (1 Crore).

Key Takeaways:

  1. Have a realistic goal
  2. Find a good demand niche
  3. Understanding audience psychology is important to be successful in marketing
  4. Communication is key in marketing
  5. Personal branding and a good funnel are important to success in any business

I can make 1 Crore in the next 3 years

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